Welcome to Reach

REACH’s mission is to raise mental health awareness and understanding of mental illness within the community while offering culturally competent and evidence-informed treatment to youth and young adults and their families. REACH is committed to providing prevention and early intervention services for individuals (ages 10-25) who are at risk for or experiencing early psychosis throughout Santa Clara County.

REACH services are provided by a team of professionals and can include:

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The team works together to provide comprehensive care to each young person.

Prevention of Psychosis

Early Intervention Can Make A Huge Difference

There is significant evidence to suggest that early treatment has significant benefits. With early detection it is possible to delay or even prevent the onset of chronic psychosis.

It is also shown that early intervention can reduce hospitalization and increase engagement with community services and support resources.

The REACH Team can assist youth and their families to strengthen coping skills, reduce stress and improve all areas of daily life.

One In Four

One in four Americans will suffer from a mental illness at some point.

One In Ten

One in ten children and adolescents suffer from mental illness.

Third Leading

For people ages 15-24, suicide is the third leading cause of death.

We Are Here To Help.

Identify Early Warning Signs

Reduced Performance
  • Trouble reading or understanding complex sentences
  • Trouble speaking or understanding others
  • Becoming easily confused or lost
  • Trouble in sports or other activities that used to be easy
  • Attendance problems related to sleep or fearfulness
Behavior Changes
  • Extreme fear for no apparent reason
  • Uncharacteristic and bizarre actions or statements
  • Impulsive and reckless behavior
  • Extreme social withdrawal
  • Decline in appearance and hygiene
  • Dramatic changes in sleep or eating
Perceptual Changes
  • Fear that others are trying to hurt them
  • Heightened sensitivity to sights, sounds, or touch
  • Making statements like “my brain is playing tricks on me.”
  • Reporting visual changes (i.e. colors are more intense, faces distorted, etc.)
  • Feeling like someone else is putting thoughts into their brain or others are reading their thoughts
  • Hearing voices or other sounds that others don’t hear

Referral Guidelines

Meets any of the early warning signs
Youth is between the ages of 10-25
Lives in Santa Clara County
Medi-Cal eligible or uninsured/unsponsored