Our mission is to raise mental health
awareness and understanding of
mental illness within the community
while offering culturally competent
and evidence-informed treatment to
youth and young adults, ages 10-25,
and their families.

Early Intervention

With early, effective treatment and support, most young people will succeed in school, work, and life. Early symptoms are often subtle but can be quite disabling. We are here to help.


You know your family best. Talk with your health care professional if you have concerns about the way your child behaves at home, in school, or with friends.


It is just as important to take care of your mental health as it is your physical health. If you are angry, worried or sad, don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings and reach out to a trusted friend or adult.


Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment based on the most current research is key to understanding and living with mental illness. We are your resource to provide effective support and treatment.



REACH is an innovative program operated by Starlight Community Services. REACH is committed to providing early intervention and prevention services throughout Santa Clara County.

We are able to provide: psycho-education for the community, phone and in-person consultations, multi-disciplinary assessments, outreach to schools, individual and family counseling, crisis management, medication management, occupational therapy, supported education and employment, and family advocated and peer mentor support.

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Mental Health is Health

Mental health is important to overall health. Mental illnesses are chronic health conditions that can continue through the lifespan. Without early diagnosis and treatment, youth with mental illness can have problems at home, in school, and in forming friendships.

Reach Services

REACH has specialized assessments designed to determine if someone may meet criteria for early onset of mental illness. REACH services has a full multi-disciplinary team that can provide support and guide your treatment process.

Did You Know?

Mental illnesses appear primarily before the age of 24. Untreated mental illness is connected with significant negative consequences, including: interruptions in the normal development of youth (like succeeding in school, at work and with friends); self-medication with alcohol and non-prescribed drugs; risky behaviors, including suicide attempts.